Friday, June 10, 2016

PANDORA leather bracelet.




PANDORA , I'm in love with you.

This is actually this first set of PANDORA jewelry I have ever owned. I'm hooked. These leather bracelets are so chic. 

I honestly had no idea they offered such a HUGE variety of charms.

While flipping through the catalog. I had a great idea! 

I have three daughters...and they all fancy jewelry. I though it would be a really neat idea to start collecting charms for them. 

One or two charms a year, and having that charm represent something we did or something they accomplished that year. For example, last year I took two of my daughters to see the Nutcracker for the first time ever...PANDORA just so happens to have a nutcracker that nutcracker would represent that special event. I would love to collect these charms over the years and then present them each with a bracelet when they graduate high school. That way when they head on out to the real world they can look back at a life time filled with memories. 

Tell me are you a PANDORA fan? 
Do you like leather bracelets? 

Head on over to to see the newest collection.

P.S. You can get a FREE leather bracelet with any $100 order. 


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