Monday, May 16, 2016

second hug.

Newborns, is there anything sweeter?

I've had four.

I don't need anymore.

I repeat, I don't need any more.

Last week, I got to cuddle with a friends made my baby look like a giant. Then it dawned on me that my baby is going to be two this fall. Be still my heart. It isn't fair how fast they grow up. #timeisachump 

A freshly washed newborn in snuggly PJ's is one of my favorites too. I always loved it right after bath time...when they were freshly clean...lathered in lotions...sporting a new diaper...and they were dressed all cozy. 

What always amazed me with how messy they can be!!!! Mine were constantly spitting up, and needing...ehem...a new diaper...I swear they could have used 5 baths a day.  I often gave them what I called a "baby wipe" bath. I always kept Huggies and Huggies Natural Care on hand for that specific reason. 

While my time with diapers might be coming to end over the next year or so...I still go through a TON of baby wipes...I keep them in the car for baseball games...after snack time...I keep them on every level of the house...and ok...I have used them to clean a toilet from time to time. 

The best place to purchase diapers and wipes is at Sam's Club. You save soooooooo much money...and you only have to purchase them once a month! 

Currently you can get $10 off Sam’s Club e-Gift card when they purchase two Huggies products (Little Snugglers and/or Natural Care Wipes) PLUS get $3 instant savings that come with being a Sam’s Club member!

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