Tuesday, May 17, 2016

diy board game pieces.

A few years back I remember seeing this DIY idea on Pinterest ( I would site the source...but I can't seem to locate it ) ... I made these type of board game pieces for our Candy Land game...for my older two children. Lyla came across those games pieces in no mans land the basement last week. She immediately insisted that she and Brooklyn needed their own games pieces too. 

I obliged, because these couldn't be easier to make! 

You'll need:

Photos (you don't mind cutting up)  
Tape or glue
Old game pieces 

Cut out the photo of your choosing and tape onto the board game pieces. That's it! As you can imagine...Candy Land was a thousand times more fun this way...because they are moving little images of themselves around the board. 

In fact Lyla loved these so much that she was using them to playwith in the doll house. I might need to buy an old game from the thrift store just so I can make our family for her to play with. 

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