Friday, April 22, 2016

other mothers + love pop.

You know the saying, It takes a village?

It really, really, really does...when it comes to being a Mom.

I have soooooo many women in my life, not just my own mother, that have helped me with this journey called parenting.

I am not the type of mama who shies away from advise when it comes to my children.

If you're a mama and you have knowledge that might be useful to me pleeeeeeaaaaassssee share it with me...don't hold out. Potty training? Feeding? Behavior issues? Sleeping issues? Please, oh please, share with me what worked for you. 

I remember very vividly the first time I reached out to another mama. It was day three, I repeat day three, into being a mom with my first child. It was newborn was screaming...she wouldn't nurse...and I was crying. My husband called his sister...not really knowing what else to do...she being a mother of two already...very calming talked me into giving her a bottle. She assured me that it was ok to supplement, that she would be just as healthy with formula, that most likely she was crying because she was hungry. She told my husband exactly where to go and what to buy at the store, all the while reassuring me that I was in fact doing a good job. Guess what? She was right, I gave my newborn a bottle and she drank the whole thing...and slept six hours straight. 

I often call my own mother and ask her questions. My mother-in-love is basically my go to for all things medical. My friends often offer fantastic help, advise on discipline, potty training tips , and more.

As I stated in the really does take a village. 

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You can also nominate all the mother's in your life...for a fantastic contest HERE.

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Echo A said...

You are very correct! It does take a village or at least a really great tribe!