Saturday, March 5, 2016

traditions and pizza.

Traditions. Do you have any?
Pizza, are you a fan?

Back in the day some of my greatest memories are walking down to a local pizza shop and picking up pizza to go. We would walk back home, and eat fresh hot breadsticks while we chatted. I'm fairly certain I was probably full by the time we got home. I can't remember the pizza shop, or the way the pizza tasted, but I remember the feeling of feeling loved. 

Isn't that why we create traditions? To remember? To feel loved?

For the past 15+ years the hubs and I have eaten pizza almost every Wednesday/Thursday night and watched Survivor. It's a tradition that sort of started out of...not being able to cook...and the only thing we could "cook" was frozen pizza. This is a tradition we have now past down to our children. When Survivor is airing...we are eating pizza. Our four children generally looked forward to this night of the week...and if by some miracle Survivor is still on the air...I have no doubt that they will continue this tradition with their children too. 

Red Baron, sponsored this post, and makes a yummy pizza ( see above photo and drool)...and they also have a great video with a then and now theme, be sure to check it out!

Help Red Baron by celebrating 40 years with a family pizza night!

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