Friday, March 4, 2016

Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass bottles + reuse + repurpose.

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 Have you seen the new Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass bottles?

They are so pretty. Seriously like a work art. Too lovely to throw away.

What is a girl to do with these four darling and refreshing Coca-Cola bottles?

Reuse and repurpose.

Help the planet, save some money, and add some art in your life.

I used two of my  Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass bottles to create a DIY soap dispenser and a DIY water globe!

The soap dispenser is so incredibly easy! No rocket science here. Find a soap dispenser that has a top about the same size as the bottle top. Drink your yummy and fizzy  Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass bottles, then fill your fancy Coca-Cola bottle with the soap, finally use a little hot glue to fasten the soap dispensers top to the glass bottle. Hot glue is holds the top in place...but when you need to refill the soap...the glue is easy enough to pop the top off.

The DIY water globe is even easier!! Just fill your Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass bottles with water...flip upside down...and place your new globe in a flower pot! This is great for those who...may or may not...forget to water your plants 90% of the time. 

Other uses for your Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass bottles...

candle holders
makeup brush holders
flower holders
bird feeder
bracelet holder
hair band holder
tiki torch - fill with fluid and rope
tooth bush holder

How would you reuse these divine bottles?

Please share your masterpieces with Coca-Cola! Submit a photo of your unique Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass two bottles are the same!!! Pick up your Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles glass bottles at Walmart today and show case them ( only the bottles, no people )  me with at unique Diet Coke Picture Mosaic hosted on the Coca-Cola website use  --- > #ItsMyMasterpiece

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Jade Graham said...

So I attached it upside down then folded down the bottom half & attached Pearls to each drop in the lace. RS Glass Bottle