Sunday, March 13, 2016

a sitting room re-do.


I turned my formal dining room into a sitting room. Why, you ask? baby wouldn't stop climbing on our kitchen table. Our kitchen table was a tall one, about 5 feet off the ground. While I would've loved (insert sarcasm) to spend every 3.5 seconds of my day pulling her off the table and making sure she didn't fall, that just isn't possible with 3 other children to take care of. So, I (of course by "I" I mean the husband) took the table apart and put it in the basement, then moved the formal dining room table into the kitchen, and turned the empty room dining room into a sitting room. 

I'm so glad we moved everything around because we have used this room more in past few months, than we ever did in 5 years of it being a dining room. 

The best part? The total cost came in right around $100.00.

Let's break down the project cost:

I purchased a wall stencil from Etsy for around $15 about 6 years ago and I used gold metallic paint over brown paint to create a wall paper look. It was time consuming, but not hard. Note: This is a two person job. 

I used chairs, a table, and a lamp that we already had. I took the lamp shade off and used a Thomas Edison style light bulb. These bulbs are pricey, around $7 a piece, but I love the warmth and look they add to the room.

I never liked the light fixture I originally had, never. I've been itching to swap that thing out for years. I didn't however want to spend $100+ for a new light. I visited a local shop called, Compton's Liquidation. This place is like a the clearance section of multiple stores in one. They were offering these lovely clear light fixtures for only $30!!!! I scooped two up and used one the the sitting room. I  (of course, again, by "I" I really mean the husband) installed the light and used another $7 Thomas Edison style light bulb.

The rug I snagged at Lowe's...on sale for $19

I have been lusting after those engineering style prints floating all around blogs and Pinterest, for a while now. I wanted to give it a try. I was so impressed with how they turned out!!! The best $6...I've spent in a long time. It is so easy, just upload a photo to photoshop (or similar program) and adjust the image to the size of the print you are wanting. I used 18X24, you must adjust the size in some type of photo program or it won't print correctly. Upload your adjusted image to and order an engineering style print. These only come in black and white, and they are basically like a giant photo copy. They cost (for an 18X24) just under $2 a piece. 

Last, I wanted the room to feel cozy and warm. What says cozy more than pillows? I ordered two custom pillows from Tiny Prints. They have sooooooooo many pillows to chose from. I went with a monogram style and family is everything pillow. I like the mustard color in the family is everything pillow and I customized with the year 2004, the year we got married. Tiny Prints has a professional designer that over looks over your work before it goes to print. You can add photos, last names, letters, and they offer a variety of colors options. These pillows cost anywhere from $20-$40. While a $40 price tag might seem high...these are so well made...they are thick...the pillow insert is included...with a zipper to remove for washing...and the fabric durable. Please don't compare these to a $10 pillow you might pick up at your local retailer...they are much better made than that. Also, if you sign up at Tiny Prints they send you all kinds of coupons and freebies. 

Have you redecorated anything lately?

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