Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Watercoloring, have you ever tried it? 

It is my favorite form of painting. I find it peaceful and it is forgiving...so it doesn't have to be perfect. My children love it, too. They most likely enjoy mixing the paint, more than actually painting...but whatev's it gets them being creative. 

I received a US Art Supply 11"x14" Watercolor Paper Pad from TOMOSON, free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

We spent most of Sunday afternoon painting through this awesome paper. If you are looking to watercolor, this is the paper for you. It holds water well, it is thick, and durable. I had three children working with watercolors, watercolor pencils (my favorite), and kid friendly watercolor crayons. They scribbled, drew, and applied massive amounts of water...not a single piece of this paper tore. 

If your looking for a rainy day activity, or a warm sunny day activity, or something to keep your winter blues away...grab some US ArtSupply Watercolor Paper Pad and explore your creativity. 

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