Friday, January 22, 2016

oatmeal meets greek yogurt.

Oatmeal meets Greek yogurt...and mornings. 

Mornings are rough...for me. I like to stay in bed until the absolute very last second that it is completely necessary for me to get up. I know the second my feet hit the floor...that's it...I won't rest until bedtime. 

I have four children, so mornings are also total chaos. I repeat, total chaos. The baby needs a bottle, the girls need their hair fixed, the dog needs to be let out, lunches need to be made, the boy needs to be reminded daily to turn his shirt around because it's backwards, they all need daily reminders to brush their teeth so they don't rot out of their mouths, and somewhere in all this I need to feed my children a healthy and nourishing breakfast.

In steps Plenti Oatmeal meets Greek Yogurt. This product has simplified my mornings! Oh, and it really...really...really helps that all FOUR of my children enjoy yogurt. That's rare...a food that all four like. This saves so much time, I don't have to cook or prepare breakfast. Plenti is also about a thousands times healthier for you than any sugary cereal out there. 

So I'd just like to take the time say thank you Plenti for making my crazy mornings a little easier. 

Want to try Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal Meets Yogurt? Would a coupon help you give it a try? 

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