Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Dear  Elisabeth, 

Happy 9th birthday! You my girl are a gem. You are sweet, and caring and kind. You are an amazing sister, a much better sister than I was...or will be. You are Jude's best friend, Lyla's role model and you are one of the few people Brooklyn will let hold her. You aren't afraid to write or talk about Jesus in school, you pray and you even read your bible ( up until your reading minutes are fulfilled for the school month...then you don't pick up a book until the following month). 9 years on this earth and you still adore bubble gum, snuggling, snow, PJ's all day and Bun-Bun. I sometimes feel like I am the hardest on you because I know you are capable. I worry about you most, because you're kind and I don't want people to push you around...you know unless it's in a wagon or something. You love family time, have the more gorgeous hair color I've ever seen and your eyes tell if you're happy or sad. You are a lover of blue Jolly Ranchers, not eating vegetables, swimming, bike riding, all things holidays and your birthday. You get excited about the smallest thing and the opposite it true too. You bring joy to our lives. You will lay in bed with me all morning long watching Saved by the Bell or cheesy Hallmark movies...and you will equally go on adventures and try "epic" I don't want to know what kind of dangerous things with dad. You think of others, laugh a lot, and are a real treat to spend time with. I (and dad too) love you so much and I can't wait to see what God has in store for your life. 


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