Saturday, January 30, 2016

Minnesota recap.

a road trip in place of a birthday present // adventures in a state we've never explored // happy 9th birthday // 4 am departure time // snow // Iowa // driving fast // minnesota! / snow drifts, giggles, and state sign photos // shorts, no shoes, -20 degrees // beautiful landscape // a happy baby during the car ride // mall of america // a full moon // check in // forget the pizza rat we saw the cheeseburger squirrel // rides all day // bubba gump's // pure joy // the crankiest baby ever //not even kidding...a biting...and hair pulling...and crying baby // a lost bottle and a hunt to purchase a new one // being brave and a zip line // the log ride // TGIF in the hotel room // cookies for a cake // I'm not 9 until I blow out the candles // early rising and swimming // mini golf // shopping // ice cream bigger than your face // smoke detectors and concerns // casey's for dinner // family time, no cooking, and no cleaning for two whole days // best birthday ever // 

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beth said...

Christina!!! Hey I live about 20 minutes from the MOA! How fun to hear that you were in MN. I hope it treated you well~ (where are you from again?) Happy birthday to your Elisabeth, from me Elizabeth (Beth)