Tuesday, November 10, 2015


See this big, strong, healthy, handsome fella? He didn't start off that way. My blue eyed boy was born just about 5 weeks early. He spend 12 days in the NICU. By gods grace he was very healthy, all things considered. 

But still, those 12 days were long. I was told when I could and couldn't hold him...when I could and couldn't feed him...how much to feed him...I had no control. I cried, a lot. I wouldn't let anyone take photos of him. The photos I did have, I deleted. I did not want to see my baby like that, let alone have a documented memory. If it wasn't for the nurses in the NICU, I very well might have lost my mind. 

The nurses were so kind. They didn't seem to mind my break downs. They didn't mind that I came in mornings upset because I missed his feeding, one of the few times I was actually allowed to take him out of the incubator. They didn't seem to mind that I didn't like the Dr. that was over seeing him, because our pediatrician was allowed to care him at that specific hospital. They didn't seem to mind my 1.5 million questions through out the day. They didn't mind my repeating the same 1.5 million questions. They didn't seem to mind the phone calls to the NICU in the early am and in the late pm. They didn't seem to mind that I was in and out of the NICU all the live long day...because they kicked me out of the hospital on day 4 because the rooms were full...and they didn't allow children in the nursery...and I still had a two year old at home that needed to be cared for.

They did their best to provide a calm atmosphere. They took the time to decorate and create a weigh chart for him (which I still have) .They remained kind and caring...even though I was short with them.  In all honestly, those nursed did more caring for him in the first 12 days of his life than I did. They provided more medical assistants than any Doctor. They kept him safe and healthy. I got to know them, know about their families, know the term wimpy white boy, and learned to play the waiting game.

I waited for him to gain weight.
I waited from him to gain the weight back that he lost. 
I waited for him to get a suntan under the Bili lights.
I waited for him to maintain his body temperature. 

I waited, along side family and nurses, to take my baby home. With prayer and the care of NICU nurses they helped make life #betterforbaby 

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Valerie Stewart said...

I have been lucky in the fact that all my babies were full term and healthy. With Alexis, I was a first time mom who had absolutely no clue on what it was to be a mom. I didn't know what to expect. She was my first newborn that I EVER held let alone take care of. I was going in blind. The nurses helped me by teaching me the basics. How to change her, how to hold her, and how to feed her. I breastfed all my kids and each one was different. The nurses allowed me to get some rest and took care of my babies while I did so. I had c-sections with all three so I wasn't in the best shape to care for them right out of the gate. They were patient with me when I would need their help and too answered any questions I had. With Ryan (our 3rd but 1st BOY) I had no clue. All the babies up until him were all girls in my family. What do I do with this new "part"? I was a wreck when it came to circumcision and they explained everything that was going to take place and taught me how to care for him after his procedure. I truly believe they approach all the babies they care for like their own. They are saints in my eyes and I am forever grateful that God allowed them to help care for my babies.

Kristin Goodson said...

I think nurses are awesome because they sacrifice so much to help others. My son's grandmother is a nurse and she works so hard and has to put up with all different kinds of people. Nurses do a lot more than people think! Nurses have to work long hours and work fast to save people. Working in a hospital is definitely not the easiest job so nurses should be more appreciated! They take care of us when we are at our lowest and most of them treat us like we are their own family.

Kristin G

LauraJJ said...

Oh your story is so familiar! My niece was born early, weighing only 1 pound 9 ounces. Her nurses were so amazing...so much compassion for the whole family! I love their dedicaton and how much they care. We are still in contact with her and she sees her all the time. Someone who has touched our life in so many ways! Today she is a healthy 7 year old...thanks to all her amazing nurses!
landfjacobson @ charter. net

Dawn Monroe said...

I think nurses are awesome because of their bedside manner, their compassion and how hard working they are. I always feel comfortable asking nurses questions or voicing concerns.

Gina Wildorchid said...

My bff is honestly one of the most caring and talented nurses I know. She genuinely cares and puts her whole self into her work to ensure that her patients receive the quality of care and attention that they deserve. Additionally, my favorite nurse and BFF just had her first baby last week - a beautful baby boy. I would love to see her receive recognition for all of her hard work and selfless spirit!

Thanks for the chance to win!

wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

Natalie said...

Nurses are awesome because at the core of their being they want to help others. They work odd hours, deal with people in pain, stay late after their shift and go out of their way to make patients comfortable. yarbr012@gmail.com

Amanda Sakovitz said...

My mom's best friend, Carol is an incredible nurse. She works in the ICU and takes very good care of her patients. She works the overnights and is very dedicated to her job. I can't give her enough credit for the selfless work she does.

POKERGRL8 at gmail.com

Thomas Murphy said...

Nurses are awesome because they do what ever they can to make people feel better.

rounder9834 @yahoo.com

Emily Smith said...

I think nurses are awesome because they go above and beyond to help patients.