Monday, November 2, 2015


Desitin...if you have a baby, most likely you will need this product. Diaper rash can make a baby so miserable! 

If you allow diaper rashes to get out of control it can actually turn into a fungus...I know from experience. We were traveling and I had no diaper rash cream with me, I thought my baby would be just fine until we got back home. I treated it with frequent diaper changes and allowing her to run around naked. That rash laughed in my face and it spread down my baby's booty and to her thighs. She was miserable. 

Best prevention? A diaper rash cream like, Desitin.

Essentially diaper rash cream works as a barrier from wetness to baby's skin. So the dryer you can keep your baby's bum, the happier your baby will be.

Sometimes other factors, that we can't always control, can cause a rash too. My youngest cannot drink juice. The acid from the juice makes her urine to have a higher Ph results in an instant diaper rash. Teething also causes diaper rashes...usually because of the more frequent...ahem...bowel movements.

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