Friday, October 30, 2015

a recap.

goodness. where did october go? in two days it will be november...and you know what that means?...we are just that much closer to christmas!! here is a little recap of what we've been up to the last month or so...

we enjoyed the beautiful weather and missed the rain // visited a cider festival and vowed to never go back // wore a pink tu-tu every other day // went on bike rides and scooter rides // watched the sunset // visited party city // got our costumes // received a major award // skipped school and visited fun farm // jumped on an air pillow, ran from chickens, played in a corn maze, swung on tires, threw kernels at each other, laughed, jumped some more, got a splinter, earned cotton candy for bravery, and finished the day with dairy queen // cheered on the cards // discussed moving to a different city //  a baseball tournament // checked out science city with new friends // rode a bike in the sky, played tug-a-war, and ran in the big wheel // da' bronx // a funeral and half mast flags // nature walks after school, giant mushrooms, wasps, a creepy face, and chicken chasing // a gazillion birthday parties // trick or treating with friends // bowling // pumpkin carving // trunk or treat // backyard projects, happy mail, cuddles, strong coffee, the good word, and fall weather // 

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