Monday, November 2, 2015

halloween recap.

Halloween recap // Candy, so much candy // Abe, Elsa, a skunk, and Madeline Hatter // Classroom parties and Chinese food for dinner // Snuggling, Christmas movies, and Netflix THAT NEVER WORKS!!!!!! // A warm fire, hair fixing, and a rainy movie watching morning // Time to get our treats on! // Dress up, carnival games, and trunk or treating // Cousins and photos // Baseball, so much baseball // The whole neighborhood to ourselves! // Full size candy bars, drinks, and finding flashlights // A skunk with suckers stuck to her // A skunk who tried to eat through wrappers // Sorting and counting candy // Giving mom Reese's // Feeling a little under the weather // A beautiful fall day, bike riding, snacks, and a trail // a birthday celebration // Binge eating more candy // Sneaking candy out of the house with out the children knowing it // 

How was your Halloween? 

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