Wednesday, October 14, 2015

felt pumpkins.

I am always looking for fun educational ways to keep my sanity entertain my children. 

Come the holiday season, I like to incorporate anything that relates, in this case pumpkins, into the lesson as well. 

Last week we made felt pumpkins. 

I only used one piece of orange felt and one peace of black felt. Which added up to a total of $0.50 for this project. 

I free handed a few pumpkins and cut them out. Then,  I cut out a few face spaces with the black felt. 

We have used these pumpkins quite a few times. 

We have created faces to talk about feelings and emotions.

We read Five Little Pumpkins, and then recreated the faces. 

We have thrown them across the room.

I have fished felt pieces out of a baby's mouth. good times, good times. 

We have used them to count and talk about colors. 

I explained to the big kids in my house that they are in fact not lame, but loads of fun. 

Overall it was a very simple project, a cheap project, and project that could be created out of materials you already have, and a very easy way to use pumpkins to teach.

Would you ever try something like this? 

Does it seem like to much work?

Would your children find this fun or lame? 

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Shaunacey Bonneville said...

so cute and easy, my daughter would LOVE this!!