Thursday, October 15, 2015


Sooooooooo...I guess there is this crazy talk out there (in the blogland/ social media world) about photos/feeds being way too perfect. Implying that life in general appears too perfect. Causing jealousy, causing readers to unfollow, causing comparison.

News Flash...I have four children. We have six family members in our a house...and dog that drives me nuts (sorry Harvey). Life is messy, life is hectic, I lose my patience, I yell, some days I count down the minutes until bedtime, I ask for forgiveness, I go on a crazy rampage at least a few times a week on the subject of why do I even bother cleaning, and we haven't been on at least 4 years. Life is not perfect.

I might post, on average, three photos a week on social media. I don't want to post a photo of that fit my toddler threw in Target...I didn't enjoy that while it was happening...and I sure as heck don't want to document it.

With that said...I choose joy. I choose happiness. I choose to listen to little moments in life that whisper to me. I choose to thank God daily and count my blessings instead of dwelling on the negative. I thank him for a loving marriage and for children that fill my house with laughter...and I do my best to make sure I capture those moments.

However, it seems that some like a little dose of reality. So, I'm going to start a new series called...the truth behind the photo...

Here is goes...

Truth behind the photo: I burnt these adorable mini pumpkin pies to a

Truth behind the photo: I made them jump at least 10 times to capture this. I also yelled at the dog for getting in the way.

 Truth behind the photo: I rearranged this image several times because I knew I was going to use it as a FB header. 

Truth behind the photo: Sometimes I bake fresh organic granola for my children, and other times I feed them processed cereal for dinner.

Truth behind the photo: I made these ornaments for a class party and about 50% of them broke in half. pinterest fail.

Truth behind the photo: Sometimes the truth is exactly what you see. I love so many things about this picture. This was one of my favorite days last year and I was just lucky enough to snap a photo of it and preserve the memory.

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P.S. Comparison is the thief of joy // Teddy Roosevelt 

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17 Perth said...

Do I spy a Christmas mug?? :):) We *may" already be using Christmas mugs over here and listening to Christmas music!