Tuesday, October 6, 2015

diy wreath.

diy wreath // step one: be super frugal (see yesterdays post) // step two: refuse to pay $50 for a wreath // step three: find some burlap on sale for $3 (check Micheal's) // step four: spend at least 20 mins of your life finding that old wreath you kept...you know just in case you need it for a craft project (or buy a foam one at the dollar store) //  step five: spend another 15 mins finding scissors that aren't designed for a two year old. // step six: search pinterest for a how to make a burlap wreath...get distracted and spend two hours on pinterest. // step seven: cut burlap into squares. // step eight: fold square in half to make a triangle // step nine: fold triangle corners into the center (see above photo) // step ten: hot glue folded squares onto your wreath...stagger in sizes and space...glue until wreath is covered. // step eleven: hang your wreath and smile at your hard work. // step twelve: take wreath down one week later...in order to put up your halloween wreath...keep wreath in garage until spring time...because once halloween is over your thanksgiving wreath goes up...and then the christmas wreath...and then the valentines day wreath. // step thirteen: re-evaulate how you spend your time and if you honestly needed yet another wreath. 

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