Sunday, October 4, 2015

book giveaway // win or lose I love you

Win or Lose I Love You. This book is so sweet and anyone who hangs with small children...knows the battle that comes with anything that keeps score...or requires a winner or loser...or has any type of outcome. Ahem. Sometimes I find myself asking my small children can't we just play a game that doesn't have a score??? I mean, seriously. 

This book lets us know and teaches us that no matter win or lose...there is a way to handle either...and learn a life lesson.

So, do you know children? Do they ever play games? This book is for you. 

For a chance to win, tell me how to do handle/teach how to handle competition? 


Victoria K said...

I have been trying to teach my kids the most important thing is that you have fun playing - it doesn't matter if you win or lose. You need to try hard and do your best.

Maria said...

I try to teach them that win or lose it's about having fun!