Friday, October 30, 2015

the complete book of chalk lettering.

Last year I hosted this giveaway. I was smitten over  a little shop called Lily and Val. Their pumpkin pie print was dreamy. 

Well, flash forward almost one year later and Valerie McKeehan has her own book! The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering is just that, a complete book of how to chalk letter like the talented Valerie McKeehan. 

This book would make the perfect present for any art lover, type lover, or crafter in your life.

Would you ever purchase this book?

Would you give it as a gift?

Would you be happy to receive it as a gift? 


beth said...

Yes Christina I would love to have that book! I love fancy chalk drawings, but never have the patience to do more than scribble on a BOO...haha

beth said...

Yes, yes I would love to have that book...all I ever do is just plainly write on my chalkboards!