Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer recap.

What a dreamy ️summer. A ️summer filled with travels, laughter, and Dairy Queen. We cheered on the cardinals, visited the zoo, ate at the blues city deli, and fellowshipped with family. We fed baby goats, took jumping photos in Topeka, discovered president streets, trains, and parks. We swam more times than we can count, spent ️summer nights at swim meets and baseball games. We won championships, earned blue ribbons, and placed third at conference. We set off fireworks, enjoyed apple pie, and watched the sky light up. We spent 20 hours in our car, lost our car keys, sat on dinosaurs, viewed the big heads, saw baby bears, stood in awe of the badlands, witnessed a massive hail storm, and took quite a few more jumping photos. We fretted about school, learned about gallstones, and fixed up a few boo-boos. We spent mornings on the porch reading the good word and drinking strong coffee. We worshiped, laughter, and had dance parties in the kitchen. We visited Dairy queen a few more times, picked tomatoes, took a few day trips, and decided to never go back to lexington.ever.again. We took state sign photos in 6 different states, waited out rainy days, and saw movies. We drove to see the Cards in action one more time, enjoyed the summer wind, and soaked up the last little moments summer had to offer. 

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Erica Bartlett said...

Sounds like such a good Summer, and the photos are beautiful.