Saturday, August 22, 2015

book giveaway.

Who is up for a giveaway!? Check out this sweet little 5 Minute Bible Stories. This book is prefect for early readers. The stories are the perfect length for bedtime reading. The stories are sweet, simple, and to the point. The illustrations are vibrate and colorful.

To enter leave a comment answering one of the questions below.

If you could share a 5 Minute Bible Story with anyone, who would it be?
What is the best part of your day to read a 5 Minute Bible Story together?


Lici Lee said...

If I could share a 5 minute bible story it would be with my niece and nephew (my sweethearts). In the night just before bedtime is usually the best for story time together (everyone is at home, we read together)

Gwen Ellis said...

Hi, I'm the author of the Read and Share 5 Minute Bible. It's exciting to know that you are buying the book and reading it to kids. I know the stories will go straight to the hearts of little ones and lead them into relationship with God.
Thanks for your comments.

Gwen Ellis