Thursday, May 21, 2015

summer bucket list.

These two are all mine for the next 80+ days.(I'm so happy!) So it only seemed fitting that we make a summer bucket list.

go to a different state // jump off the high dive in plattsburg // jefferson city // see abe lincolns house // cheer at the cardinal game (go cards!) // swim // stay up late // see mt. rushmore // tents on the porch // pjs all day // pizza with cousins // let's all go to the movies! // swim in the ocean // feed baby goats // gather some blue ribbons and trophies // home runs // branson // catch fireflies // read the secret garden // eat ice cream // swim some more // eat more ice cream // get baptized // bowling and skating // water balloon fights and a goonies party // hike in the woods // watkins mills // and swim a little bit more //

Here's to a great summer!

What are your plans this summer? 


Amy @Set Free said...

LOVE this list!! Can't wait to see all of your adventures this summer. I'm still working on our bucket many things I want to do!!

Susan said...

I think you may have forgotten road trip to Toronto? :0