the olive tree: easter baskets and a book giveaway.

Friday, April 11, 2014

easter baskets and a book giveaway.

So Easter is like, what  a week away? Yesterday I begged the hubs to dig out the Easter box from the basement, which by the way has a total of three decorations. I can never seem to find cute Jesus based decorations, and I don't dig the Easter Bunny. I always tell my self I am going to get more decorations after Easter when everything goes on clearance, but atlas I never do.

Last year I got plastic buns (#3) from The Dollar Tree to use as Easter baskets. I let the kids decorate the bins with stickers, they loved it so much they asked to do it again this year. The best a part about using bins, is that you can keep them for storage afterwards.

Mostly each year I put the same items in their baskets: markers, chalk, the classic chocolate bunny, books, bubble gum, candy, and of course bubbles. We seem to go through bubble like crazy, and by "go through" I mean spill. 

This year I want to try the resurrection eggs with the kiddos, and last year we "planted" jellybeans in the ground and overnight they "magically"  grew into suckers..they got a kick out of that!

Want a chance to win God Bless Our Easter from Tommy Nelson? ( us residents only )   

Just tell me what do you love most about Easter?
How do you celebrate the season? 
What are your favorite items to fill the baskets with?

p.s. my other giveaway ends soon.


Annie Sandmeier said...

Your baskets look great! Our little one is only 3 months old so he won't quite get the whole meaning of Easter (and understand why he's getting a basket, ha) so I'm looking forward to when he's a little older and can appreciate the day!

I love Easter because it's such a peaceful and wonderful time in our church--the Lenten season is always such a special time and then to be able to top it off with the resurrection of our Lord just makes it that much better! We celebrate Easter by going to church Saturday night and then spending the day with our families.

LOVE, DANICA said...

My favorite thing about Easter this year is going to be inviting non christian family to church and spending the day with them. Can't wait to do more kid Easter stuff though with my younger cousins. This basket looks great, your kiddos are going to be thrilled!

17 Perth said...

Such a great idea about the bins! And I love church and then brunch! Something about getting all dressed up, celebrating Jesus and then good food with family. Speaks of lots and lots of blessings!

Susan Liberatore said...

And by go through I mean spill. Line of the day!

Courtney B said...

i love painting easter eggs and having a big easter dinner !:) we love doing a big easter egg hunt too!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I love the basket ideas!!