Monday, April 14, 2014

a frozen cake.

A few years ago Elisabeth really wanted an Ariel princess cake for her birthday. The main problem with that was the local bakery only had Barbie...not Ariel...that was not going to work for my mermaid obsessed 5 year old. The cake also came with a $45 price tag....umm ouch...I would much rather spend $45 more dollars on birthday presents than a cake...I am super frugal like that. So, I set out to figure out to make those doll cakes myself. Turns out it is actually super easy. This year Elisabeth wanted an Anna cake...and a Frozen cake she got.

You'll need:
cake pan 
Pyrex bowl(s) or any oven safe baking bowl/circle pan (just make sure it is over safe!)
2-3 boxes of cake mix
one character doll (I like to use the ones with painted bodies so I don't ruin the clothes with icing)

Make and mix cake mixes according to package // Bake your cakes in the pan and bowls...baking times may very so keep a watch in them  // I like to use either 1 1/2 boxes on the round cake pan to give the cake height with one Pyrex bowl cake ... or use one box in the cake pan and use two Pyrex bowls the second bowl being one of those really small dishes you would use for condiments...just stack your pans and bowls to see it the height will match up...sorry the directions were so lame on that last is really sort of a guessing game depending on the pans you have // when you have your cakes cooked and cooled stack them on top of each other and cut a circle in the center...not too big...just big enough to slip doll inside the center // Then you should be good to add icing and decorate // 

This is a simple cake to make and the price is even better. This cost me $15 including the cost of the doll.

p.s. This by no means is a professional cake...just budget friendly. 

Do you make your on cakes?


Anonymous said...

My Mom use to make these kind of cakes for my step sister when she was little! Now my Mom makes all kinds of cakes for the family! :)

Susan Liberatore said...

You are my hero.
And also, do you want to build a snowman? :0

17 Perth said...

Wow! I am super impressed. It turned out great!

Bekah @ re•solve said...

I was all about the doll cakes when I was a kid, and Wilton had a specific doll cake pan to make it easy - I would guess they still have them! She made me an Ariel doll cake :)

Leah said...

it turned out so good! good for you mama! i would totally not pay $45 for a cake either, although i don't make cakes because i'm not really good at them. it's usually cupcakes for us. those i have down. ;)

LOVE, DANICA said...

Blogger by night and amazing cake decorator by day?!! That cake looks a,axing, how creative...I'm sure she was thrilled! Go mom!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Adorable. We go back and forth on the homemade cakes vs. bakery.

Alicia Salazar said...

Cute! I usually make every birthday cake, but my hub's fam always buys them. This year I let my hubby have a store-bought cheesecake and enjoyed his dissatisfaction.

beth said...

love your frozen cake mama! I always make the kid's cakes too, but when Adria was little I had a local cake maker make her a doll cake and she asked for the doll back. o.k. no problomo. Except...that when we lit the candles and were singing and videotaping all the little girls around the table, the dolls hair caught on fire!!!!!! It was alarming and hilarious at the same time. : ) fun memory now

Anne Hill said...

what an awesome idea! so cool!