the olive tree: Jude the scientist.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jude the scientist.

Jude the scientist. For the longest time, if you were to ask Jude what he wanted to be when he grew up he would tell you he wanted to be a pizza maker. The other day that changed, he told me he wanted to be scientist. I told him I loved that, and thought it was a great idea. A few days later, he told me again he wanted to be a scientist. Again, this made sense the kid is super smart, loves numbers, experiments, and what not.

About a week later he told the hubs, "Dad, I want to be a scientist." The hubs shocked to hear that being a St. Louis Cardinal was not a life long dream (kidding, kidding) asked him why? 

To which Jude replied matter of factually, "So, that I can grow up and build a time machine...just like Doc Brown. " 

So there you have, Jude the scientist...future maker of the time machine.

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Erica said...

Pizza maker sounds pretty good to me! But scientist is also good (totally biased, being married to one!)... we could all benefit from a time machine, I think.
Also, for a budding scientist, can I recommend Creation magazines? They have a great kids section. (I don't work for them, but I think their ministry is amazing as I've seem how it has helped Malcolm stay grounded in his faith while having it constantly attacked in his field.)

17 Perth said...

So funny. And makes perfect sense to me. I love a kid who knows what he wants. ;)

Alicia Salazar said...

So sweet! I love the idea of more scientists driving our country forward, especially Christian scientists! I love it. Maybe he'll get into gastronomy and make a freeze dried, xanthum gum, insert smart foodie term here, pizza.

Lovelyladyjb said...

Super cute :) Scientist, why not! I'd like to take the time machine back to rgight now where I'm reading this post :)

Alli said...

So sweet! I will be the first customer for the time machine ;)