Monday, February 24, 2014


Stations, play areas that is.

We live in a state where the weather is gross 70% of the time. It is too hot, or too cold, or too windy, or too wet, or too humid, to go out side. So we have to get creative with the kiddos so they don't go stir crazy. I set up stations in the basement.

We have the following areas set up for play:

mailing station // filled with envelopes, markers, notebook paper, and stickers to use as stamps.

kitchen station// It has a play kitchen, play food, and a refrigerator made out of a big box.

school station// equipped with all the essentials for playing school

art station// with an art table, and all the art supplies you could imagine.

house/baby station// armed with dolls, highchairs, bouncy seats, baby carriers, and baby clothes

dress up station // full of dress up clothes, and accessories. It also includes a washer and dryer made from a big box made by the hubs himself.

It took me a while to organize and set these all up ... the kiddos were fairly happy with them. Then the husband came down, and in just about 5 mins made some swings out of scrap wood. He hung them up and12 months later and they still swing on the swings, every single day...

Job well done, hubs, job well done.


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I love the idea of stations!! Such a wonderful way to keep children engaged during the day.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

such a cute idea. my husband and i were just talking about activities for our daughter. we just started an art class which she just loves but that swing is such a great idea,

LOVE, DANICA said...

It's like preschool in your own home! Stations are great for young even inspires them to play more because everything or organized.

Jennifer Prod said...

you're such a good mom - such fun and creative ways to keep you kids entertained through the winter - i'm going to have to remember this when i have a couple of my own :)

Susan Liberatore said...

Seriously!!! You guys are my heroes.

Alli said...

Wow, you are a seriously amazing duo! This is so inspiring, thanks for sharing. It's something I've been worrying about when we adopt our kids, we have a similar bad weather situation (except it's snow and ice) and I was starting to worry we'd all drive each other crazy in the house all the time.

Because of Jackie said...

Um, this is GENIUS. I need this so bad today, we have been trapped at home and need something, anything to make it better;) Great post!