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Thursday, February 20, 2014


{photo source: Pinterest via Reelagram}

Dear Lyla, Please stop removing your clothes and diaper, all the while running around the house saying, "haha.haha." I don't find it all that funny...Ok, it is a little funny. I think I have you tricked though...if you do decide not to listen a get all naked on me...I just ask you, "Do you want to wear an Anna dress?" (aka princess dress up clothes) Works like a charm.

Dear Husband, Thanks for cooking dinner everyday for the last week or so. I think you sort of rock! Who am I kidding, you and I both know your the better cook out of the two of us. I think I'll stick to baking and assembling the sandwiches.

Dear Jude, I got a little sad the other day thinking about how you have to go to kindergarten next year. I sure am gonna miss you. Also, you looked sooooooooo cute in your new baseball pants the other day...I can't wait to watch you play!

Dear Elisabeth, I love your tender heart. I just want to squeeze you, and hold you a little tighter lately...your growing up so fast. Also, you are the champ at Snack Attack...I mean seriously I am trying to beat you. That tender heart of yours has quite the competitive drive.

Dear Missouri, It the past 48 hours it has been in the 60's, we have had thunderstorms, and there is a possibility of snow...I think you might be a tad bit nuts. 

Dear social media and news, I can't watch you or look at you are terrible about giving away what is happening on the Olympics. I don't want to know in advance...I want to watch it...I have a hard enough time paying attention to sports, and it is no fun to watch when you already know the winner.

Dear Family, I am looking forward to finishing up our Back To The Future marathon tonight!


Leah said...

your lyla cracks me up when i read about her, sounds like such a fun girl! and the kiddos growing up never gets easier, i feel your pain friend! :(

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

hehe Nora is going through the naked phase too- it's funny how its instant happiness when toddlers remove all of their cloths.

Alicia Salazar said...

I guess I'm lucky my son doesn't have a problem getting dressed, but never wants to wear underwear.

Susan Liberatore said...

I can totally picture you running around after her! And also, Ava has been wearing 1, 2, 3 princess costumes every day. So much fun changing her every 10 minutes! Only not. xo

17 Perth said...

My husband is totally the better cook--we are blessed aren't we!? And Jude has to go to kindergarten next year???!!
Hilarious about funny how you have it worked out. Taking notes. ;)

Alli said...

How are kids so good at board games? I will literally never understand. Our neighbourhood kids come over to play with us and they always beat us. I've never won Candyland.

Denise said...

your letters are the sweetest!

i'm sorry your boys is going to kindergarten. i ugly cried when mine started kindergarten... AND i home schooled!

your husband and mine are cut from the same "better cook" cloth. i don't enjoy cooking. i do it. but my husband like to. THANK GOD!

Because of Jackie said...

Awe, this is cute! My husband happened to be the better cook, too, so I love when he does it!