Monday, October 7, 2013

math at home.

{ source + how to = the olive tree } 

Roll a pumpkin:

you'll need: dice, markers/ crayons, stamps/ stickers (optional)  , & paper 

This is a fairly simple and fun way to add a little math into your day. Draw a few pumpkins on a piece of paper, and then assign a face attribute to a number. What ever number you roll, is what you need to draw on the pumpkin's face.

Jude can't read yet, so I just drew what needed to be added for the numbers. Obviously with older kiddos you could just write 1= eyes, 2 = nose, and so on. 

As far a  Lyla's  age group is concerned, I just basically trried to prevent her from eating the crayons. 

As always thanks pinterest for the idea!

Happy Monday.!

p.s. only a few more days to enter my giveaway.


Sophie said...

ADORABLE. I love October fun:)

sara said...

i love math with dice. i have yet to incorporate it into my lessons with my daughter, but we will soon. right now she is just counting the dice itself as value (1) while stacking them, instead of the separate values it's made for. haha, we'll get there. thanks for sharing!

Susan Liberatore said...

So cute.
And about Lyla and the

Dianne @ Sweaters and Tea said...

I'm going to have to do this with my girls! So cute!!