the olive tree: pavers and letters.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

pavers and letters.

{ photo source: Pavers }

Dear riding boots from Pavers, I like you. Of course you don't go with yoga pants, and that is pretty much all I wear these days. 

Dear beautiful yellow loafers, You are stunning, and on sale, and would probably work with yoga pants. p.s. The yellow loafers might be gone, so just go ahead and check out the whole clearance section.

Dear Google, I love having knowledge at my finger tips. Lately we have searched why planes leave streaks in the sky, why it is really called a hotdog, and whether or not your dog can eat an apple core.

Dear Harvey, You really should have let us finish reading the facts about apple cores before you jumped up on the porch and eat it anyways. I hope you don't die as a result. I am sure you won't, in fact you'll probably end up being the worlds oldest living Labrador.  lucky me. Kidding! Don't send me mean emails, I promise I like my dog...

Dear Family, I am so happy that you will all be home for three days straight!!!!!! All 5 family members under the same roof...bliss. 

Dear weekend, I am going to enjoy you. I see a festival, cool weather, baseball (go cards!), and donuts (wink, wink hubs.!) in my future.

What are you weekend plans!?

you can find the above goodies as follows: boots // loafers // bag // scarf


Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

I feel like it's a curse that I love clothes so much, but am notoriously CHEAP! If only they had a thrift store devoted solely (ha...pun not intended but darnit I like it!)to selling cute but inexpensive riding boots!

Jenni Price illustration said...

Love the purse!

Is your kid's school off for 2 days? We have a couple of days off this month too. Sounds like you have some fun plans! Not much for plans over here this weekend but I would like some of those donuts your thinking about...send some my way ok?! Heehe!

Anonymous said...

those yellow loafers would make me smile every time i looked down at my feet -- so lovely!

Denise said...

yoga pants are all i wear, too. i've done yoga once. i would do yoga again for those boots.

i'm looking forward to the weekend, too. wonder if i wink at my husband if he'll get me donuts?

Purposely at Home said...

those loafers are just the cutest!

my weekend will be spent with family too. this is our last weekend before my sister gets married next weekend. eeek! :)


Kelly said...

you need both pairs of shoes.
everything works with yoga pants…right?!

Alexa said...

Ah That handbag. Stunning!

Susan Liberatore said...

So THIS is the post that got you donuts. Hmmmm. Nice.
As are those boots!