the olive tree: letters and rolls.

Friday, October 4, 2013

letters and rolls.

 {  source: the olive tree }

dear husband, i love your heart for worship, and your ability to lead people to god through song. i especially love how humble you are and give god the glory when people compliment you.psst. you can here him HERE.

dear elisabeth, i had fun watching once upon a time with you. i too, can't believe they made the mermaids mean... i know how much you love mermaids. p.s. i don't think you have to be worried about being scooped off to Neverland...although i am certain you are extremely hopeful this really will happen...we know you have a strong love for peter pan and all things pixie dust.

dear jude, i know that i have two daughters, but you sir are my kitchen buddy. you love to help me bake. i think that in reality you just like to use the kitcken aid ... which is sort of like a safe power tool for a four year old. but I'll take the company.

dear lyla, your favorite book is pete the cat. your family members, myself included, love to ask you, " Lyla, did Pete cry?!" you very very very quickly say. "No." we probably ask you 50 times a day. it is so cute.

dear family, i can't wait to go to the apple cider festival with you this weekend. 

dear paula deen, regardless of your personal choices your homemade cinnamon rolls are a HUGE hit at our house.

dear mcdonalds, this is just one more reason why i never eat at your restaurant.

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Leah said...

so cute your little one likes to help out. i'm sure other than using the mixer, i bet he likes to lick the spoon or snack away while preparing! he knows how it's done! i gotta try those cinnamon rolls asap!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

You had me at cinnamon rolls. What a cute and sweet letter!

Care said...

Your husband sounds great!! Looooove those pictures! Make me want to cuddle up with some cider:) have fun at the festival this weekend, here to hoping for some pics!!:)

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

I mean really? You are so funny!! I would read a NOVEL written by that I think of it, I don't know of a whole lot of humorous novels out there, but darnit I would read it!

Susan Liberatore said...

OMG your hubby is crazy talented! And you see, this church I would come to. ;)
Those cinnamon rolls...yum. And that MCd's...yuck.
PS - I can not enter your giveaway and I am sad about it. That is all. xo

Alli said...

Oh wow, look at those gorgeous rolls.

Denise said...

the kitchen aid is so a power tool! it may be why my josie fell in love with baking, too.

we NEVER eat at mc d's. NEVER. ick.

Kelly said...

mermaids are the worst. the first time i saw mean mermaids was on the last pirates of the Caribbean, and i couldn't get over it for days. so i looked it up and in most mermaid / siren myths, they are bad. SHATTERED!
where is once upon a time, where are you ring this season? peter pan is also mean? what the heck. SHATTERED again.
ok i promise I'm done ranting about this. but I'm with Elisabeth. Peter Pan is my all time favorite.

Jessica said...

i love the letters. the cinnamon rolls look amazing. and i hate mcdonalds.