Tuesday, May 28, 2013

pinned and did /// kids addition

{ source + where to buy = vapor qualquer

 { source + where to buy = knot and bow }

pinned and did kids addition.

super bubbles! so easy and all of my little clan adored it.

coffee filter umbrellas /// easy. to be honest mine liked mixing the watercolors in the water more than the actually craft. either way it kept them entertained.

paint in a bag /// this wasn't as big of a hit as i thought it would be. maybe i added to much paint and then i became frantic that the bag would burst (or be ripped open) and then paint would be everywhere...so we abandoned this rather quickly

match the shape /// jude had fun. but it took longer to make than it did for him to finish...sooo we probably won't do it again.

dish soap snow /// i think we did this back around christmas. it was a HUGE hit. i am thinking i should fill the sand and water table with this stuff.

washing machine out of a box /// they never play with. ever. 

homemade orange creamsicles /// i thought they were great. lyla thought they were great. elisabeth and jude didn't care for them. i did however tuck the idea for using heavy cream in homemade popsicle and swapped the oranges for strawberries...everyone loved those. 

have you pinned and did anything lately?


Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Thanks!!! Love fresh ideas!

Kelly said...

I need that print for my boys. Ha! I wish Pinterest was around when they were tiny. If I asked them if they'd make a box washer with me they'd look at me as if I'd lost my mind. Haha! You are such a good momma!!!

Courtney B said...

Thank heavens for pinterest! I'm so excited to do some of these activities with Mia!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i want those party confetti bags!! you found some great activities for your kiddies!!

17 Perth said...

I want to come over when you make the homemade orange creamsicles..not when you play laundry. :) That laundry idea made me laugh out loud. I bet the super bubbles were awesome.

Katie said...

i'm impressed! and i want a creamsicle!

bandofbrothers said...

the first few links didn't show up for me:( just the same pic of the paint in bag. but the rest showed up! very fun!

i've been on a mad popsicle kick and have been wanting to try the creamsicle variety. i mean how YUMMY IS THAT?????!!!!

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

I just went on a pinning spree for one to prepare for summer, and two because we're done with our "set curriculum" we have a few weeks left to do fun stuff!! I'll let ya know how it goes.;0)

beth said...

oh man do I ever love the "don't grow up" sign...may have to use it on my blog too if you don't mind!!!

Hurray for the last day of school!