Thursday, May 23, 2013

inner voice.

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I saw this quote a while a back, " The way you speak to your children becomes their inner voice." /// Peggy O'Mara

so sweet
so powerful

I was having this sappy mom moment thinking about all the lovely things I say to my adorable little children.

be brave /// you're going in the chokey // i love you /// you make my heart happy /// snuggle with me /// are you snugglely? /// go get your cozies /// oooohhhhhhhh i ran around the corner and i ran around the block and i ran right into the donut shop! /// i love you so /// actually and p.s. ///sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, and if they bite, bite them back ///  why certainly! ////

Smiling, while thinking about this I asked Elisabeth and Jude,  "Hey, what are some things that mommy says to you a lot?

Elisabeth replies. " I know! SSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Lyla is SLEEPING!" 
...and then Jude quickly agreed.

The sweet sappy moment was gone and I replied, "Oh yeah? Well maybe if you little goobers could be stop yelling during nap time I would have to tell you to be quite."

They laughed.
The end. 

 p.s. Seriously why are they the loudest during nap time?
...probably the same reason the ups man and solicitors always seem to ring our door bell during nap time...


Leah said...

that's too funny! it always happens when you're trying to keep it quiet. never fails!

Katie said...

that's so funny!! i'd be afraid to ask my students what i always say!

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

Haha! I asked my kids in my annual "How's homeschooling going?" session, "Do you think mama yells a lot?" to which my daughter says "Well you know when you tell us to do something, and we don't do it? And then you get frustrated...maybe you could not get frustrated when we don't do what we're told"

to which I (so lovingly) replied "Ha! fat chance girlfriend!"

Parenting, I'm a natural! :0P

bandofbrothers said...

i know we all make mistakes as moms and sometimes say things we wish we didn't...or don't tell them things we wish we did...

but as my friend reminded me, "love covers a multitude of sins". our kids can tell if we love them!

that being said, it's certainly makes me want to do better!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

That is too funny and sooooo relatable : )

Alli said...

That is so sweet and hilarious, kids have the best comedic timing.

Susan said...

That is hilarious!
I'm sure my children wouldn't say or recall the sweet things I say. And i do think the one thing I say most often is shhh, Ava's sleeping or stop it. It might be louder than that though! lol
Happy Memorial Day weekend my friend! xo

17 Perth said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! Lol I have never heard that it!

Sarang Kawade said...

Hi christina,
I read your blog posts. They are very assuring and sweet. But I was blown away by how beautiful your blog looks overall. Great work.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Lol hahahaha. too funny! Oh and that is an awesome quote, definitely will keep that in mind when I have kiddos of my own.

Jessica said...

today my girl told me she just couldn't handle it when i brush her hit me pretty hard that they hear me say that to Caleb. (not about my hair, but other such matters of equal importance) they take the good and the bad...i really need to be careful.

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Love these little sayings! I am counting down the days until I can have fun conversations with my boy :)

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

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