Tuesday, January 29, 2013

this weekend.

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{ how to make t's feel vintage + how to = glitter guide }

this weekend/ 

I made THIS roast beef and cooked it to an eternal temp of 135 like the recipe says /// cut into it and I am fairly certain it was still mooing.? epic fail. Don't worry the hubs came to rescue and finished cooking it on the grill. (thanks hubs)

I also made THIS coleslaw recipe and added blue cheese. This was not an epic fail, it was oh so good.

Harvey was let out of captivity, and even got to sleep upstairs.

Elisabeth read the entire book of  Go, Dog, Go. She is such a good little reader. I am so proud.

Lyla was/is teething. Poor thing. She is miserable, and cranky, and not napping. 

The hubs rocked THIS song at worship, and it has been stuck in my head ever since.

We went to a baptism on Sunday, Elisabeth and Jude watched. Afterwards Jude told me, "Mom.? I love Jesus, BUT I don't want to put my head under that water." he may or may not have made me laugh.

p.s. yesterday it was 70+ degrees in January!? don't be jealous though tonight we will be getting snow...

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michelle @ this little light said...

I love how he thought that through ... "Hmmm: Jesus = wonderful, dunking head = not so much." They are precious!

Meg {henninglove} said...

thank goodness for the last minute grilling idea, i need that to salvage a meal every now and then too. haha i love jude's comment, too cute

Leah said...

yay for Harvey!
sorry about the teething. it can mean lots of holding, late nights, nothing working.. ay i remember that. hopefully it'll be over soon.
and your little boy's comment made me laugh. so cute.

Kelly said...

Go Elizabeth. Poor lyla I hope she wasn't too cranky.. And Jude ... I'm laughing too .

Anita said...

looks amazing.

Hanna said...

Love that vintage T idea:) My son pretends to read go dog go too by memory. it's cute! What instrument does your husband play or does he sing? My husband plays percussion for our worship team at church!

Stephanie said...

That is an awesome song to have stuck in your head....one of my favorites. And you need to write that down what Jude said so you don't forget...well, I guess you kinda already did since you blogged about it. ;)
And our weather as been crazy too this past week. I've got the a/c on as we speak.

Susan said...

Awww! The innocence of little ones. Love.
And we got the reverse up here...cold yesterday and springlike with rain today. crazy! xo

Krystal said...

i'm dreading for when wesley is teething :(

Vicki said...

Yay for Elizabeth! I hope she is a life-long reader!! And yay for Harvey, too--that poor naughty dog. : ) I hope Lyla pops those teeth in a hurry. I don't miss teething at all. (But I do miss snuggling. And rocking.) And please tell Mr. Jude that his comment made my day!

Denise said...

yeah for reading an entire book. miss those early days of reading.

love that song. oh, how i want my soul -the depth of me- to bless the LORD and worship Him. bet your husband "rocking it" blessed you.
(i'm listening to your link now as i comment. mmmmm worship happens)

your sons baptism comment cracked me up. sweet.

Katie said...

i want to make my shirts vintagey feeling! and how exciting that she read that book!

Trina | BeginnerBeans.com said...

I'm sorry for the teething--hope baby and momma can get some rest!