the olive tree: Weekend recap (November)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Weekend recap (November)


Lyla’s last soccer game was canceled (to which she responded with happiness) and replaced with an end of the year celebration. This free up our Saturday. The foliage was peak and the weather was lovely. We decided to cash in our free tickets to the zoo. children do not like the zoo. They neve have. They look at a few in the on the park...and then complain the rest of the time. 

We haven’t been in over two we decided to give it another go.

Welllllllll. The grounds were stunning! The colors of the tree were breathtaking! We saw the monkeys...dreamed of owning baby goats...played on the parks...and then...per usually our moral started to decline and Little’s started to complain...after just an hour of being there. I took a photo of Brooklyn whining on the bridge for proof. 

We mustered through African...saw no lions...discussed how hippos eat other hippos babies...and bee lined it home.

It was still a great memory despite all the complaints. They adored feeding the goats...sliding down the tree slide...and the sea otter show! will probably be a few years before we venture to the zoo again.

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