the olive tree: {mostly} FREE things to do in (or around) Rapid City, South Dakota.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

{mostly} FREE things to do in (or around) Rapid City, South Dakota.

1.) Visit Mt. Rushmore  

This seems like a given, but this national park is a must see! 

It’s completely free to go into the do however have to pay a $10 parking fee if you want to park in the parking garage. 

This pass is valid for in full we were able to visit the big heads three times on one parking pass. 

This is one of the neatest Park I've ever visited.

 Each play ground area is based on beloved and known story books... from The Three Little Pigs to Snow White. 

The park is free. 

3.) Tour the City of Presidents in downtown Rapid City. 

This tour is free and really worth seeing either by walk or by car. 

4.) The Badlands  

So much beauty to be seen here! 

This place makes for amazing photos opportunities. You can get quite a workout with all the climbing and hiking.

 Beware of rattle seriously...beware of rattle snakes.

There is a lot of fun to be had here! 

Take a step back in time...and explore the old South Dakota! 

A host of free activities plus a handful of fun small priced ones.

 Plus, they offer $0.05 coffee....I mean it's not great coffee...but it's $0.05...sooooo. 

Nature, beauty, and more nature. 

7.) Spear Fish Canyon is nature at its finest!

Breathtaking views, trails, and waterfalls to be found. 

NOTE: you probably won't have cell phone service so plan accordingly. 

8.) 1880 Town  

This offers a ton of history, Dances with Wolves movie attractions, and cheap pancakes. 

9.) Take a state sign photo! You can hit up Wisconsin and South Dakota in one trip. 

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