Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lime and coconut Coca-Cola + homemade Mission flour tortilla chips.

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Have you ever made homemade tortilla chips and pico style salsa? 

It's crazy easy and it taste amazing. 

For the chips you'll need: 

Mission flour tortillas (any size) 
Oil for frying (vegetable or canola) 

Salt for taste. 

I like making these at home because I can control the salt content...and by "content" I mean I can make them as salty as I want. (Yum.) 

Cut your tortilla to desired size. 

Heat your oil in a skillet. Medium high heat. Once oil is ready place the cut tortilla into hot oil. Cook until bubbles and browned on both sides. You will need to turn these. 

Now for the fresh and healthy salsa...

You'll need: 

Two Fresh tomatoes (preferably from a garden!) 
Half of an onion (sliced and diced) 
Cilantro (a few springs rinsed and chopped) 
Salt and pepper to taste. 

Mix all these ingredients together and allow it to sit for a hour before serving. It doesnt get any easier than that! People always rave about this pico and are blown away when I tell them how easy it is to make.

This is paired greatly with any grilled family loves eating grill chicken and chips and salsa for dinner...its our summer jam.

Currently at Hy-Vee  you can save $1.50 one package of beef or chicken when one purchases Coca-Cola ™ 8-pack 12oz OR 1 500ml Gold Peak AND any 1 Mission Tortilla.

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What screams summer and paradise more that Key lime flavoring? Not much. 

Take me to the beach please! 

Since the closest beach is 15 hours away...I'll have to bring the thoughts of the beach to me. 

To make this amazing drink you'll need: 

Coconut flavoring 

This is yet another easy and amazing recipe! 

Fill your cup with ice. Pour in ice cold wonderful fizzy Coca-Cola. Squeeze in about 1/4 of a lime...getting all the juice out. Add a splash of coconut flavoring...or more depending upon your taste. 

If that wasn't good can add a little cream to the mix! So good.

The perfectly balanced flavor of a Coca-Cola completes my meal, and wherever your palate takes you, an ice cold delicious Coca-Cola makes the meal more worthy of savoring and sharing.


My nephews were over for the day so we had key lime cokes all around ...

By the looks of it, I think they liked it...and after all together tastes better with Coca-Cola!

Now where to pick up all the ingredients you'll need for this refreshing summer snack and drink?? 

Why your local Hy-Vee of course!!! 

They are my local grocery store...the grocery store I grew up shopping at with my mom and I currently shop at with my children. Everyone is always so helpful there...they have such a great selection of produce!...and don't get me started on the bakery! 



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