the olive tree: A Day in St. Louis. { a recap.}

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Day in St. Louis. { a recap.}






belated  birthday present // cardinals vs blue jays // getting up early...earlier than when we go to school // funny road signs // skip day! I mean take your child to work day // I'm going to teach you how to write a blog post // you have to take pictures // discovered a walkman ... "it's called a CD plays CDs." // car games // naps // the arch! // why is it so cold??? // boy, I'm glad I packed our coats // jumping by the arch ... which is still closed for another year // picture taking time...scoot back...scoot back more...keep scooting...ok now I can see you //  a beautiful church // spinning around a hotel door...just like Elf // a packed lunch at ball park village // will call to get out tickets // ticket UPGRADE! // tickets behind home plate #blessed // Greg Garcia signed our tickets and glove! // the isle attend took our stroller // snacks and candy and more snacks // please don't let your baby walk the stairs...ummmm just to be clear she isn't allowed to walk? in trouble again by the isle attendant // pick up your coat so it's not in the she really has it our for us...this isle attendant takes her job seriously// Elisabeth cheering on her man Carpenter // peanuts! good thing Ryan isn't here // oh's not lookin' good for the cards. // Jude ecstatic Wong hit a double // Wong hit a triple // walked two guys // Randal crushed the ball // extra innings // compliments about little girls behaving so nicely // Lyla talking to anyone and everyone...always making friends // is your sweater homemade? // Ahhhh man...I wanted to be on the kiss cam // the sun!!! it turned out to be a beautiful day! // the isle attendant got on us again...she's watching you // made the jumbo tron!!! // bases loaded // LET'S GO CARDINALS // Matt Carpenter for a GRAND SLAM win!!! // celebrating! // what a great game // it was a day for the books...the kind that leaves you happy...full...and grateful //  a drive home and movie watching // naps in the car and late bedtimes // 18 days until summer, goodnight prayers, sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite...and if they bite...bite them back // 

* Later that night we edited the photos uploaded them to BlogPro and wrote our post. See Jude's edited photo below...and Elisabeth's photo is the first shown. 

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