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Friday, March 24, 2017

Lyla girl. {birthday letters}




Happy birthday Lyla!! 

You will be FIVE on Sunday!! Someone hold me. You were the worlds happiest baby...a trait that thankfully stuck. 

I love you so incredibly much. Some would say I love you the best...or at least that's what I tell you anytime I get you alone.(I may or may not do the same thing to your siblings as well. 😉) You have the cutest little ringlets at the end of your hair...and this adorable little freckle on your neck. I love your brown eyes and your dimples...both of those you inherited from dad...speaking of dad...he's your favorite...I know... because you tell me all the time...however you very quickly reassure me that I'm your second favorite. 

You love being outdoors...and could go exploring all the live long day. Your always up for adventure. You still aren't what I would call an eater...which is funny...because you're probably my healthiest eat way more veggies than your siblings. But...still...I think you find meal time incredibly dull. Just today I watched you abandoned a bowl of ice cream to go outside and play in the rain...see what I mean? love life. 

You require more discipline than other family're want to see what the world has to offer with out anyone telling you it's ok to do so. I just know God is going to use that personality of yours to do mighty works for his kingdom...but until then...I'll do what I need to do to keep you safe.

Your love language is receiving gifts. Once I figured this out...I saw a major improvement in your overall moral. You are always thinking of ways to shower others with gifts...picking me flowers...making pictures for dad to hang in his work locker. 

You take such good care of Brooklyn...You follow Elisabeth everywhere...and you bond with Jude over the oddest things. 

Harvey is your best friend in the entire world. Sometimes I just find you laying of the floor with him...talking to him...snuggling with him.

You ADORE ALL dogs...and baby animals...anytime a baby animal is mentioned or squeal..."I WANT A BABY {fill in the blank}" 

You still love Chewbacca...and still claim that he is your future husband. You talk about how you can't wait to kiss his hairy face and look into his blue eyes...oh my. 

You have have got some style, girlfriend. You rock your outfit choice with total confidence...which some days is a full body monkey suit...and other days a dress your sister wore in a wedding. I think you should have your own fashion blog. 

You are currently saving all of your money to purchase a like to spend your after a year your up to about $ this rate you may have that puppy by the time you graduate. 

You don't like sad Your happy little heart can't handle sadness. If you think something might be remotely sad...your out. You are so compassionate when it comes to others...this is yet another trait I know God is going to use for his will on your life. 

You like toy videos...stealing gum from dads hiding spot...driving around the "Durango" in the back yard...not having your hair brushed...and you can get enough of the color blue. 

You are silly...have a crazy amount of could give the energizer bunny a run for his money....which is probably why you sleep 12+ hours a night...And I still have to wake you most mornings...I bet you'd sleep until noon if I'd let you. 

You are always happy...and always fun. 

I love you sooooooooo much little miss Lyla girl...I hope you can feel it your heart how much I care for you. 



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