the olive tree: February recap.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

February recap.










Unusually warm weather! // I'll take it! // sunshine and park days // finally healthy! // let me take your picture before we go into church // Jesse James Park! // drinks and snacks first // watch me! Push me! Spin me on merry  go round! // getting out of school early to play // subbing // love day // class parties // painting the house // 7 million paint samples // finally got the right color /// ummmmm this isn't the right color // sorry sometimes that happens...want a new gallon of paint? thanks...I'm not painting again // more painting // headaches and ear aches // more park days // no school // lets go to the park // eating out...that never happens // da' Bronx and more parks // it's so beautiful out! // jump house and back yard baseball // silly string in the face // coffee and Jesus // birthday parties and pod cast // 

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