the olive tree: One of the coolest things I've ever blogged about.

Friday, November 18, 2016

One of the coolest things I've ever blogged about.

This post is sponsored by TP-Link but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

You guys. This is one of the coolest things I have ever blogged about. My family is having way too much fun with this light bulb.

What light bulb am I talking about? The tp-link’s lighbulb (actually the whole line is really neat)

You can change this lightbulb to almost any color you can imagine.

This lightbulb (and the whole line) syncs up to the Kasa app...I can't get over this as a safety feature! 

You don't even have to be home to turn the lights off and can do it from your smart phone...mind blown...that is a game changer if you like to travel.


I tried the light bulb out in a few rooms before we decided to keep it in the dining room...I like softer light...but at dinner time...more light is often problem...just adjust the brightness from your app! 

On kind of a funny note...Lyla loves the color blue...and any chance she gets...she steals my phone and changes the lightbulb to blue.

On an even funnier note...sometimes the hubs messes with us while he's at work...and changes the lightbulb different colors...I told you we are having waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun with this.

I'm a little I really love the yellow setting on a low dim light.

tp-link’s also offers a smart switch as well. For now we opted to put this in our garage so it can control our Christmas lights! This again, is such a HUGE safety feature!!! During the holidays it isn't even hard to tell if my neighbors aren't home...because we can all see that they didn't turn their lights on. Well unwanted guest can also plainly see that...problem solved! If you aren't home you can turn on your lights with the press of a button on the app.


tp-link’s also has a smart plug...which has also come in handy for Christmas...We have a Christmas tree in our room...and often times...I'm snuggled up in bed at night...all cozy...just about to fall alseep...when I realize that I did NOT turn off the tree...then I have get out of my nice warm bed and shut it off...and then I'm wide awake...cause that's how I roll.

Now with this smart plug...all I have to do is turn the tree off with a tap of a button from my phone...where has this product been all my life??? It's a total game changer.

The app also features a "good morning" and "good night" feature...and a "movie night" and "custom" feature. This system is compatible with Alexa...which I bet is ah-mazing!

These products also help you save money by monitoring your energy usage.

All of these were crazy easy to instal!

I was honestly super impressed with the price of these products...I was thinking they would cost $75-$100...but they all fall in the $20-$30 that is a deal!!!  

This set wold make the perfect present for those who are hard to shop for!! 

Would you like a product like this in your home? 


Be sure to visit TP-L to learn more about their affordable, wifi-friendly line of Smart Home products, and use code TPLinkSmart for 20% off your purchase through 31 Dec 2016.


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