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Friday, November 18, 2016

JORD Wood Watches, My New Favorite Timepiece! (a great gift!!) + a free $25 e-card!

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There is just something about watched that I adore.

Back in the day (before phones were literally everywhere)...I used to tease my husband...that I don't wear a watch I bring a husband...because I would constantly be asking him what time is it? Is the movie going to start soon? Should we leave for dinner? Are we going to be late? He has always worn a watch...I was excited at the opportunity to review a wood JORD watch for him! 

I reviewed the Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood, which is pictured above. This watch is so much more that just a regular watch...the quality is amazing...I'm not even sure the photos do it justice. You can oder a custom size and there are so many awesome style to choose from! 

JORD watches would be the perfect gift for this coming up season!! 

Just could stay at home in your nice warm bed and order this timepiece!! 

I though that what you get for the price was spot on...maybe even a little better. The packaging alone is pretty amazing. The watches come in a very pretty and simple wooden box complete with a pillow! 

I was really impressed with the folds out and snaps together for a secure fit...then you can take it off with a pinch of a side button. Also...kind of random...I really like the way the watch smells...I know...I'm weird...but it smells like wood...because its well...made from wood...duh. You can see the that time a quality was put into the making of this product! 

Would you ever purchase a gift like this for someone special in your life? 

You can view the Men's collection HERE

Would you ever buy yourself a watch from the ladies collection

Want to save money for this purchase??? Save instantly with a $25 e-card HERE!! (hurry! while supplies last!) 

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