Thursday, October 6, 2016

september recap.



september recap.

hold the phone...didn't i JUST write an august recap?

time slow down.

getting back into the school routine // long weekends // overtime // rainy days // is the weather ever going to cool down? // so much humidity // melting with jesus and coffee on the porch // turning two // home made spaghetti // elsa anna cake! // blowing out candles // elsa anna toys...and dolls...and chairs // great deals at toys r us // garage sale...garage sale // spending our earnings // early outs and no school days // sunday football // needtobreathe and mat kearney // life changing // making a mission to share jesus with everyone // being bold // dance parties to one black sheep // baseball games // walk off base hits + three triples // spelling test and cousins after school // back to school kick off party // worship + the good word + chipotle + cozy sundays //

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