Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Minnesota recap.


Minnesota. You were a dream. I'm not sure if its because I didn't have to cook for 5 days straight, or do the normal 15 loads of laundry in a weeks time span, or because when you're surrounded by so much beauty and nature that you can't help but feel relaxed...but this will go down as one of my top favorite trips, ever. 

A little over a month later, here's a recap. 

wake up early // excitement // iowa // back to sleep // sunrises // minnesota church! // a detour for a wisconsin state photo // bye! wisconsin // lab farm // cute puppies // i want a puppy //  duluth! // what to do first? // food, food first // exploring // a family bike ride // a fight with a helmet // toddler wins the helmet battle // laughing so hard there were tears // so much laughing // water // pebbles // stingy //  swimming in our clothing // hottest weather in duluth all summer // still cooler than kc // DQ // hotel // hall carpet that looked like a murder scene // light houses // and moving bridges // more swimming and jumping off of things // waking up early to see the sunrise // never mind we like sleep // coffee and making friends // north shore scenic drive // so much beauty! // gas station breakfast by the water // exploring // take my picture, i'm a mermaid // gooseberry falls state park // finding our own swimmin' hole // cliff jumping // watching cliff jumping // views and more waterfall adventures // swimming // a pet leech // convincing that leeches grow beards // lake superior // lunch // split rock lighthouse view // water to dangerous // finding a better swimming hole // kayaks and cliff jumpers // wheres dad? // oh. he's jumping off a cliff...surprise, surprise // feeling blessed // thanking god for the beauty in nature // daisies in the water // knocking over a stick // hungry // lusten // grand marais // i want to live in grand marais voted the coolest small town of 2016 // fisherman's festival // fish and chips for dinner // baby ducks // huge sail boats in the harbor // friendly people everywhere // can we see the northern lights? // cloudy morning spent in grand marais // drive to canada? no passports maybe nest time // judge c r magney state park // incorporative toddler and turning back around // back to the lake to swim // lunch by the beach // the beach to ourselves // sea glass looking and pebbles stacking // freezing cold water // time to get out //  putt n pets mini golf...friendly staff and baby goats!!! goats pulling a bucket // $0.25 rides // grand marais // huge sailboats! // really really really good pizza by the beach // loooooooong bathroom breaks and almost death by seagulls // so many terrifying seagulls trying to eat our pizza // note: seagulls don't like pepperoni // a cut toe and hot tubs time // a cool morning in lusten // views of the ski resort // games and parks // temperance river state park // beautiful views // "do you have a dog at home? what's his name? i have a dog. his name in harvey. he's with my grandma." Lyla- repeated to every person who passed us // gas station lunch by the beach // friendly people // more seagulls // i don't want to go home // an over night stay in des moines // a really nice hotel! // last drive home // what a great trip filed with life lasting memories //

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