Thursday, August 25, 2016




Have you ever played this game? It is so much fun!

This game is the perfect addition to any backyard party or gathering! Think bowling(-ish) but much more skill and time added. The whole family will enjoy this! 

I received this game for free in exchange for an honest review. This is a throwing game that doesn't require much strength. Fun fact the wooded pins are called skittles. You take turns knocking over the pins...first person to 50 wins...HOWEVER if you go over 50...your score sets back to 25. The number on the pin you knock over is the number of points you get. The more pins you hit the more pointe you earn. The pin must be flat on the ground to count...if it is leaning on another pin that point doesn't count. The pins are stood back up exactly where the be prepared to move around the yard.

Also, a player is eliminated from the game if they miss all the pins three turns in a row. 

Would you ever play this game? 

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