Wednesday, August 10, 2016

back to school + box tops + viva + kleenex.


Back to school. The three worst words a child can hear, at least in my house anyways.

My kiddos go back to school in exactly one week.

Jude wakes up every morning with a sad look on his face and mumbles something along the lines of "Summer is almost over" or "I don't want to go back to school."

Elisabeth is starting the 4th grade and this is the first year EVER she has been excited to start a new school year...if you have been reading this blog for a while you know her struggles and how HUGE this is for her! 

Lyla started crying in bed the other night, exclaiming, "I don't want Jude and Sis to go back to school, thems is my bestest friends. I'm gonna be so lonely."

Brooklyn needs to work on not biting her friends before we even think about school for her.

I am NOT looking forward to packing lunches, getting up and getting dressed, and waiting in the car rider line...the dreaded car rider line.

With all these factors, back to school time is rough. How do I help the transition back to school flow a little smoother? 

1.) Start a bed time routine about a week before school starts. Our average summer bed time has been about midnight. A week before school starts we set alarms and wake up early...this automatically adjusts bedtime to an earlier time. 

2.) I go grocery shopping and start meal planning for lunches and dinner.

3.) We talk about what friends we hope to see in our class.

4.) We chat about the things we like about school. 

5.) I may or may not tell them every year that when school starts that just means we are one step closer to Christmas. #noshame 

6.) Get them excited about back to school shopping. Picking out new supplies is always fun! Kleenex is always on my school list supplies...and always seems to be needed by teachers through out the year. If you head on over to Walmart to pick up school supplies you can grab a 3 piece box of kleenex for around $6+ dollars and score double box tops for your local school! 

7.) Plan one last summer craft/science experiment party. One of our favorites is Ooblak. This fun and messy so be sure to pick up some Viva Vantage paper towels. If you pick these up at Walmart you can earn double box tops and help out your school while you're having fun!

8.) Pick out one last fun thing to do on the last day of summer...bowling, a movie, golfing, swimming and so on.

9.) Allow your children to pick out the first day of school meal! In our house this is usually hamburgers. 

10.) Have a back to school fashion show...have your kiddos try on all their new school clothes. 

How do you prepare for back to school?

Be sure to head on over to Walmart today and earn double box tops for your school purchasing items you probably already would. ;) 

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