Wednesday, July 27, 2016

solar twinkle lights {review}


twinkle lights. 

twinkle lights top my list of all time favorites. 

i was smitten to receive a free set of 39th ft LED warm white solar powered lights in exchange for an honest review.

these lights are darling.

i was extremely impressed with the color...they appeared to be the same softness of real twinkle lights. 

these lights would be the perfect addition to a party, wedding, and christmas time. the idea of solar lights at christmas is nice, because you don't have to worry about a timer...or turning the lights provides a safety feature of having someone know when you are aren't home based on your lights being on.

these retail for about $12 (free shipping if you are an amazon prime member) one strand was enough to cover one pine tree ( shown in above photo ) i would guess it would take 4-5 strands to decorate a front porch or bush...which is a good deal...because you won't be spending money on electricity. 

would you ever try solar powered lights? 

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