Wednesday, July 27, 2016

learning + box tops.


I love to teach my children at home.  

Most educational activities can be done with the use of items you already have in your home. 

Teaching letters, shapes, and colors is one of the first learning's that happen in our house.

Tracing letters is one of my go to lessons. 

You'll need:
ABC flash cards ( the bigger the letters/cards the better )
If you don't have flash cards you can simple print or draw letters on paper. 
Cheerios (or a similar snack) 

Use your snack/Cheerios to trace the letters of your choice. I like to focus on a few letters at a time...maybe A,B,C and the first letter of the students name. This activity uses fine motor skills and helps teach letter recognition. 

You can then use the Fruit Gushers to match colors and sort colors...put all the reds in a pile...all the blues in a pile...match the fruit gusher color to the color of the letter in the flash card.

The idea are endless. 

Why use a products like General Mills Cheerios...or Fruit Gushers? 

Two words: BOX TOPS

You can purchase a snack, meal, or breakfast product with the BOX TOP and give back to your school. I have a handful of teacher friends, and they give so much of their extra time and extra money for their classrooms. Let's face it, most teacher's incomes don't allow for the extra spending. Box Tops are a great way to help your school! Every year my children's school has a contest to see which class can collect the most. I save my box tops all year long ( and I have my mom and grandma save theirs too!) and I send them to the classrooms. This is a huge fundraiser! 

Be sure to visit your local Walmart this back to school season and pick up a variety of General Mills products featuring box tops 5-for-1! The more you buy, the more you save. The more you clip, the more you earn. 

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