Thursday, June 30, 2016

June recap.



I can't believe June is over!! That means summer is almost over. My heart can't take how quickly the time seems to be passing by.

Here's recap of what we've been up to lately.

swim practice and pool days // baseball games and home runs // giant bubbles, followed by eating the soap // mornings with coffee and jesus on the porch // so much rain // not enough rain // siiiiiiiilllllvvveeeeerrrr dooooooollllaaar city // chickening out of the barn yard swing // donut rafts and blue unicorns // same age as jesus // da' bronx and cream soda // feeding baby goats!! // i want a baby goat! // crying at the table because, "i need a baby chihuahua so badly, i can feel it in my heart." // lizard bites and a missing finger nail // DQ, 8th place, 2nd place // play dates and sleep overs with cousins //  climbing out of cribs // moving to a big girl bed // all four kids in one room...why do we have a four bedroom house? // helping others move // discovering the buddy movies // decided we no longer want a chihuahua...we now need a golden retriever // making dreams come true and visiting puppies // VBS and a new family member...chris morris ( amazing world of gumball watchers you know this name)...the fish // ninja turtles and finding dory // hot weather // summer nights // catching fireflies // 

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