Friday, April 1, 2016

DIY baby gift basket.

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There must be something in the water, everyone is having babies! Yay, for babies!

Today I am sharing with you two of my favorite baby gift DIY's.

First up, a DIY fabric covered baby wipe case.

You'll need:

A travel baby wipe case. (I usually use Huggies travel cases) 
Less than 1 yard of fabric (color of choice)
At least 1 yard of ribbon (color of choice) 
Hot glue + hot glue gun.
Fake flower as embellishment (optional) 

Place your baby wipe case on top of the fabric...cut around the shape of the case...leave about an inch of material all the way will cut the excess of later. Start with the backside of the case. On this side only, place the clean edge of the fabric right up against the edge...this is the only side you won't trim the fabric. Then, glue the fabric down...leaving the corners for later. Next, glue down the front side of the case. It is best to glue opposite sides, that way the fabric doesn't become bunched up. Pull the fabric tight while glueing. Start working on gluing the corners...pulling the fabric tight as you glue. Don't worry about the overflowing fabric you can trim that after you have glued all the fabric down. When all the fabric is glued use a sharp pair of scissors and trim the extra fabric. When trimming get as close to the edge as possible, it is okay if the fabric looks messy...or isn't will be covering the edge with ribbon. Start in the middle, on the back side of the case and begin gluing down the ribbon. When you get to place where you started cut the ribbon...if your ribbon looks like it might fray at the end...cut it and then using a fire starter stick (ADULTS ONLY)...give the ribbon a quick little will singe the ends...and prevent fraying. If you'd like, embellish your fabric covered wipe case with a jewel or adds the perfect touch!  

The second DIY is even easier than the first! 

You'll need:

Baby spoons
Baby washcloths

Take your washcloths out of the package and fold until it is long and skinny. Next, roll the cloth up to look like a snail shell...or a lollipop. Place the rolled cloth on top of the spoon and then wrap a piece of tulle around the cloth. Use a cut piece of ribbon to tie the tulle around the cloth and secure it to the spoon. That's it! Easy peasy. 

Once I have my DIY's done, I like to place them up in a basket with other stuffed animals...books...and diapers (Um...hello, what baby doesn't need diapers????) I prefer Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers because they provide up to 12 hours of protection and keep baby's skin nice and dry.

I also get my diapers from Sam's Club because they offer quality diapers and at a great value...they also have FREE pick up to members...and up to $10 off their Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers .Ok, ok...I also buy my diapers from Sam's Club because I can feed my kids dinner while I'm there...of course by "dinner" I mean let them run around the store and eat samples. 

Would you ever try these DIYs?
Are you a Sam's Club member? 
Are you a Huggies user? 

Be sure to pick up your Huggies at Sam's Club, today! 

P.S. starting March 9th you can save $7  off Snug & Dry at Sam's Club...via Ibotta 

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Cathy McInnes said...

What a great & creative gift basket idea! I love the washcloth lollipops! So cute! #clent